Mardi Gras King Cake Latte

Mardi gras king cake latte
I love all thing’s King Cake flavor so naturally I had to make a festive latte to celebrate Mardi Gras!
This King Cake Latte has the flavors of a traditional king cake: brown sugar, cinnamon and caramel, and is the perfect drink for sippin’ on a cold day, or for some of us, anytime of the year. 😁
  • 4 oz Espresso 
  • 2 tsp Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon (add a little for garnish)
  • 1 tbsp Caramel
  • 2/3 cup Milk


Add caramel, brown sugar, and cinnamon to large glass. Pour in espresso.

Heat milk for a minute in the microwave, then froth milk.

Add frothed milk to glass and stir. Sprinkle with cinnamon.